Ambiance of the house

First, we must admit that we love animals, not just cats. Horses are my passion. I have always lived with cats and there was always at least one Siamese at home. So it is a love story that goes back to my early childhood.

Finally we also have three young children who are major contributors to the atmosphere. There is no cattery at home is the house that is a cattery. Specifically, the cats are kings at home and we are not far from their slaves. The cats sleep with us on the bed and eat some salmon and foie gras! You will understand, there is no question of cages and isolation any at home.

Recently, we built an outdoor cattery, accessible through the window of the kitchen and an area of approximately 100 m2 

Our cats can let go of their hunting instinct, without risking an accident (cars, poisoning, hunter) or infection (as a result of contact with other cats or animals not always "clean" on the health plan).



Our location

We are located in France at a few kilometers from the capital of Flanders, Lille, at the crossroads of Europe, in a small village which is called Provin. Access by the A1 seems to be the easiest solution. Breeding is located at Mr and Mrs Hache Dequiedt 61-Clos St. Martin 59185 PROVIN.




Our kittens

We welcome about once a year the fruit of Vibrato and Vanille 's love 

Our babies are sold with pedigree, wormed, tested FIV, Felv, vaccinated, with a microchip identification and a European passport so that he can follow you everywhere. We attach great importance to the quality of home that you can give our babies.