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Friendly catteries

As we favour quality over quantity, the wait could be long.

Here are the details of frienfly catteries. By contacting these people, you will be sure to enclose persons who deeply respect their cats and acquire a kind kitten . All these breeders leave their cats walk freely in the house, they have only a few cats.
des fripons du marais 's cattery
Mr Huet fabrice, 10 rue des marais ŕ Rambouillet 78120 France
06 22 18 54 84           bleupoint and sealpoint kittens
les joyaux du Siam 's cattery
Mrs and Mr Lemortellec Nelly and Hervé. Only sealpoint kittens. Domont France.
De la Chapelle d'Argent's cattery
Vibrato just there. Cattery of two lovers Belgian traditional Siamese
Mr and Mrs Charlier, La Chapelle-lez-Herlaimont, Belgium
Blue and sealpoint kittens.