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Our first treasure: Vanilla from Ayuthia


Vanilla joined us on May 6, 2004. She was born a charming couple of Thais from the Cattery Senior Hérinnes of Belgium. Her grandfather champion.

It is an adorable little cuddly seal point  siamese with her human family

Vanilla is still sticking to his human mother, even when I take my bath she accompanies me on the edge of the tub and yet she hates water. She does not hesitate either to accompany me in the car: she settles on my lap throughout the route.

In the most recent exhibitions Vanilla won his third CACIB, it is now Champion International!
life is difficult at home !

Vanilla has become a caring and loving mother with her young.

Results for exhibitions

Date Place Category Results
14/11/2004 St Ghislain (Belgium) 6-9 months Female Excellent I
19/12/2004 Ghent (Belgium) Female adult Prime ACC
16/01/2005 Annoeullin (North) Female adult Second ACC

Nominated in Best In Show
27/02/2005 Amiens (Sum) Female adult Champion
22/05/2006 Douai
  Female adult Champion International