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Our standard Vibrato Prince of Silver Chapel


Vibrato joined us on November 6, 2004.

As its name suggests it comes from the Cattery of the Silver Chapel in Belgium, run by a couple of cat's lovers. 

  It is a cute little seal point with blue blood in his veins.

His pedigree is prestigious, his father is an international champion as a seal and her grandmother, international champion as bluepoint.

I monitor my babies!

Demonio Monster in his outdoor cattery 

Vibrato is the archetypal Siamese: purrs a lot, very cuddly, very talkative, very intelligent and very breakout… is the first to make mistakes. In four months he knew already open doors by the handle! This is the specialist for the packages of crack croquettes (why go eat kibbles in my dish when it is so much more fun to go steal in the package!). A real male ! (Forgiveness for these gentlemen!) But it is so cute that he forgives everything. See yourself. Latest crazy thing, Vibrato comes to drink the bathwater when I found myself, and since my little spill vases filled with water and flowers "is so much fun!"

Vibrato to one year in Lille expo
Vibrato is officially Champion, since January 15, 2006.